Copper and fibre test access switch and testing solutions are at the heart of the company's technologies. A unique understanding of the challenges faced by its customers allows UTEL to develop real world solutions in today's environment. UTEL prides itself on being able to solve any challenge anywhere in the optical or copper network. The team is able to innovate and create optimal solutions at lightning speed.

UTEL has been at the forefront of technology for many years developing testing solutions for remote testing of Communications Access Lines. Our Solutions are deployed with major Telecommunications providers and have become a key part of their fault management systems and have saved vast sums of money for them and at the same time increased customer satisfaction.

Copper Test Heads

Testing cooper access lines requires high quality test heads that can quickly and accurately diagnose the nature and location of issues and we offer different models depending upon the requirements. xDSL services create different challenges and incorporating a "Golden Modem" allows testing of services as well as the line itself.

Where local loop unbundling s in place the ability to determine whose responsibility it is to address the fault is crucial, which a well-designed test solution and Teat Head can resolve.

With Fibre now taking over some of the transport in the Access network we have designed small test heads that can be deployed in street cabinets providing all the functionality in an appropriate package.

Copper Test Headers

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Test Access

Testing of copper lines requires access to the cables, this achieved with a test access switch matrix . Where and how this is achieved varies upon the nature of the system to be tested such as Central office or at DSLAM location. We have a vast range of solutions and also will design products to meet specific needs if required. We offer switch's and also Modules that fit directly onto DSLAMs that can be quickly and easily fitted.

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The FastLight OTDR

As an R&D organisation, UTEL has a reputation for stretching the technical envelope of what is deemed possible. In the development of our OTDR we have applied the latest micro-electronic and laser technology and have succeeded in creating a truly revolutionary measurement platform with dynamic range suitable for all GPON Systems.

The FastLight OTDR has been specifically developed to enable the cost effective central office testing of fibre PONs. The unit uses a revolutionary new high performance OTDR which controls an associated Optical Test Access Switch.

The FastLight OTDR features UTEL's revolutionary Advanced Reflection Detection technology. This enables it to reliably detect ONT reflections through 128 splits without needing test wavelength reflectors to be fitted


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Fibre Optical Switch

Gaining access for the OTDR requires an optical switch. We have designed a low cost high reliability system that can be integrated with and controlled by the Fast light OTDR.

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Control and Management

All centralized systems need to be controlled, integrated and managed. UTEL with our many years of experience are expert in providing software systems that will integrate with customers OSS , GIS maps and any other management systems employed. We ensure a seamless integration that truly enhances the customers capability.

Fault Location